Cambodia Work Visa for Indians: Unlocking Dream Job Opportunities

Updated on Jan 21, 2024 | Cambodia e-Visa

Cambodia calling? Before you pack your bags, apply for a Cambodia eVisa and a work permit to enter, stay and work there legally. Check the details here.

Who else doesn’t dream big? And, if you are ready to expand your horizons, your next big move should be answering the Cambodia call, which can take you one step closer to your dream job! Cambodia is a great place for Indian citizens to start a new career. 

But, before you answer the job offer from Cambodia, it’s essential to apply for a Cambodia work visa first as a foreign traveler. In today’s blog, we are going to discuss that. Let’s get started!

Is Applying for a Cambodia eVisa Necessary for Indians to Work in There?

Every foreign national needs to make a Cambodia visa application if wishing to work here. Now, there’s no work visa for beginners! Instead, you need to apply for a business visa first online or at the embassy. When applying for a short business trip, you get a 3-month validity with a 30-day stay. In this case, you don't have to show any work permit to stay here.

Next, when you want to extend your stay and intend to work here, make an ordinary visa application at the nearest embassy to ensure longer validity and duration. Being an Indian citizen, you can extend your business visa validity for up to 3 years. Also, this extension allows foreign workers in Cambodia, like Indian citizens, an additional stay of up to one more year. Here are the required documents for the visa extension:

  • A valid passport with 6-month validity with a blank page
  • One passport-size photo
  • Visa must have more than 10 days left until it expires.
  • Employment contract from the Cambodian organization you are working for
  • Evidence of having sufficient fund funds to stay in Cambodia
  • Invitation letter
  • Letter of employment/work permit
  • The renewal fee

However, you need to show a work permit and employment card along with a work visa to work in Cambodia legally. 

Cambodia Visa Requirements for Indians

When you intend to work in Cambodia, you need some specific documents to show alongside obtaining a work visa. Here are the supporting documents required to apply for the work permit in Cambodia:

From the Employer

  • Registered business address details
  • Registration certificate with the official business stamp
  • Quota approval for foreign employees
  • Tax patent with the official company stamp
  • Confirmation from the Ministry of Commerce

From the Employee

  • Filling out the application form by the Ministry of Commerce
  • Three passport-size photos
  • A health certificate
  • A copy of a visa and the passport with a six-month validity 
  • A written employment contract
  • A copy of the Cambodian business visa
cambodia visa requirements for indians

Obtaining a Work Permit in Cambodia

In Cambodia, applying for a work permit is mandatory to do jobs here legally. It will allow you a legal work permit from the labor authorities granting the right to work here for a specific time, like with a 1-year of validity. You can apply for the permit even after obtaining your work visa. In short, you have to apply for a Cambodia eVisa to enter the country and a work permit to work here legally. It takes around two business days for the processing time.

Note: Only a foreign business owner and foreign employee (like an Indian citizen) intending to earn a regular income in Cambodia need a work permit here.

In Conclusion

Indian travelers need proper authorization to enter Cambodia to travel, work, and stay, which needs a valid visa. At CAMBODIAN VISA ONLINE, we can help you throughout the Cambodia visa application process for Indians, from filling out the form to reviewing accuracy, spelling, and grammar to obtaining travel authorization. 

Apply for a Cambodia eVisa from India today!

There are various kinds of visas available for Cambodia. The Cambodia Tourist Visa (Type T) or Cambodia Business Visa (Type E) available online are the ideal choice for travelers or business visitors. Learn more at Types of Cambodian Visas.

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