Tourist Visa to Cambodia

Visas are required for visitors from outside of Cambodia. All an individual has to be aware of about Cambodia Tourist Visa is on this page.

Continue reading for information on how to apply for a visa, the duration and renewals of tourist visas, and other crucial details.

What does the Cambodian Tourist Visa entail?

The one-month Cambodia Tourist Visa (T-class) is valid for visitors. For tourists visiting Cambodia, it is the best choice.

Relevant requirements regarding the Tourist Visa for Cambodia:

  • One month - maximum stay
  • Three months from the date of issuance of visas
  • The total amount of entries is one.
  • Visitation objectives: tourism
  • If you intend to visit Cambodia for a duration of more than a month or for a purpose apart from vacations, you'll need another type of visa.

How do I apply for a Tourist Visa to Cambodia?

  1. Online

    The most practical choice for visitors from abroad is the Cambodia eVisa. The Cambodia eVisa Application Form can be filled out at one's residence, and all the necessary paperwork is electronically submitted. Within three and four working days, travelers receive their granted Tourist Visa for Cambodia via mail.

  2. Upon reaching the airport

    Upon arrival in Cambodia, visitors can get a Tourist Visa. A Tourist Visa for Cambodia is granted at significant international points of entry. Visitors are recommended to make use of the eVisa system to get a visa beforehand to prevent complications upon landing.

  3. At Cambodian embassy

    Additionally, Cambodian embassies offer advance-purchase visas for travelers. Those who are unable to submit their applications online can get in touch with the Cambodian embassy that is closest to them.
    Candidates can alternatively contact the embassy in person or send the necessary paperwork—including the passport—by mail. Visitors should start the registration procedure well in advance of their trip because embassy requests require longer to process.

Nations who need an embassy-issued Cambodia Tourist Visa

Most passport holders can obtain a Cambodia Tourist Visa online. The Cambodia eVisa and visa on arrival are not available to tourists from the countries listed below.

Rather, they need to go via a consulate to obtain their Cambodian visa:

  • Syria
  • Pakistan

Application Documents required for Cambodia Tourist Visa

Visitors to Cambodia must produce certain papers to obtain a visa on arrival: Travelers have to satisfy Cambodia's visa prerequisites whether applying online, when they arrive, or directly at the Embassy of Cambodia.

  • Passport with no fewer than two stamp-able empty pages and with a minimum validity period of six months
  • A request form that has been filled out and submitted (either on the flight, at airport security, or at the port of entry)
  • Photo of Passport Bio page (those lacking photos might pay for a scan of their passports)
  • (To deposit the VOA charge) US dollars
  • Those who apply for a Cambodia e-Visa complete the application on the internet and electronically upload their Passport and face photo.

Printed copies of the necessary documents should be produced, though, if applying on arriving or in the consulate.

Details required on Visa Application for Tourists to Cambodia

The Tourist Visa for Cambodia application must be filled out by visitors.

It may be completed electronically through the eVisa service. Visitors must submit the following details:

  • Name, gender, and birthdate are examples of personal data.
  • Number, issue, and expiration dates of the passport
  • Details on transportation—planned entry date
  • Issues made when filling out the form electronically are simple to fix. Data can be changed or erased.

Visitors must verify that the details are readable when completing the form by hand. When an error occurs, it is best to begin with a fresh document rather than cross it out.

Complete or false paperwork won't be accepted, which could interfere with travel arrangements.

Ways to prolong a Tourist Visa for Cambodia

Travelers with tourist visas must visit Cambodia within three months of receiving their electronic visa. Then, visitors are permitted to stay in the nation for a month.

Visitors who want to stay in the nation for an extended period can get in touch with the Bureau of Customs in Phnom Penh to request a month's expansion.