Privacy policy

Our privacy policy is designed with a customer-centric approach. Our organization is transparent regarding our information collection practices. We provide clear information about the collection, utilization, and purpose of personal data.

The process of gathering private data does not involve identifying individuals unless their request is fully processed, and the outcome is determined.

By utilizing the site, you consent to adhere to our Privacy regulations along with its associated conditions of use. We uphold the most stringent industry standards to safeguard your information. Rest assured, your data is not shared, sold, or disclosed to any third party.

Collection of Personal Information

Upon submitting your application, we require certain details:

  1. Details are found on the passport's biography page.
  2. Information concerning the age, relatives, partners, and parents.
  3. A facial photograph of yourself.
  4. A scanned copy of your passport.
  5. If applying for a health visa, information regarding your health process.
  6. If applying for a work visa, information about the Cambodian organization to be visited.
  7. A reference from your nation.
  8. Arrival dates in Cambodia and the purpose of your visit.

This information is essential for successful processing, as the Cambodian authorities need it for background inquiries and visa decisions based on your chosen Cambodian Visa Category. You must keep in mind that the final decision on your Cambodia Visa Application rests solely with the appropriate agencies and the Cambodian government. Neither we nor any go-between can guarantee or influence the result of your application.

Data Security

When you submit your details through our Form, it is securely stored in a secure system and maintained to the highest industry standards. We diligently follow the latest industry best practices to secure the details you provide.

We consider the following private details to be highly sensitive: your criminal history, names parental names, marital status, facial photograph, passport scan, and home country reference. Additionally, we may request your trip details, entry and exit dates from Cambodia, sex, race, destination port, and any other necessary details necessary for the Cambodian government after you submit the Visa Application digitally on this site .

Mandatory Document Requirements

To assist you in obtaining a Cambodian Visa, we may request the following documents on behalf of the Cambodian government. These documents are mandatory to ensure the Cambodian Visa Application.

We may request, the following documents: your travel document standard passport or, any photo identification, your visiting card, proof of date of birth such as a birth certificate, your resident card, proof of funds, a letter of invitation, a police certificate in case of passport loss, and any parental authority letters . With the aim of ensuring a successful outcome for your travel to Cambodia.

The Cambodian government needs this detail to facilitate a process for your Cambodian eVisa and to ensure a smooth boarding and entry process into Cambodia

Usage of Information for Business Analytics

We retain the right to utilize data related to the online analytics platform. This platform gathers information about the web browser to access our services, the user's geographical location, and the type of device employed.

Additionally, we gather details like the user's operating system to improve our site and collect IP addresses as a security measure against malicious activities. Our approach revolves around prioritizing the customer in our analytics policy to ensure a more enriched user experience on the Official site.

Utilization of Collected Personal Information

The private data mentioned in this privacy regulations for the Cambodian Visa Application Form serves several purposes, including but not limited to:

  1. Processing Cambodian Visa Applications: The primary aim of collecting this information is to facilitate the processing of your Cambodian Visa Application. We share this information with the relevant Cambodian Government authorities, enabling them to make decisions regarding your visa application. It's important to note that the Cambodian Government authorities possess the sole discretion and final say in approving or denying your application .
  2. Applicant communications: The information collected is used to communicate with applicants regarding the status of their applications. We may also need to contact you during the Cambodian visa application process to gather additional information the Cambodian government needs to make its decision.
    This will include asking about your important documents in Cambodia, your hotel in Cambodia, your travel companions, and the main purpose of your visit. We want to maintain good communication to keep you informed about application results and status updates, answer questions, and provide clarifications . It is important to emphasize that we will not share your contact information with other organizations or use it for marketing purposes.
  3. Improving the Visa application process for Cambodia: We are committed to improving our customer experience, so we collect non-personal information to achieve this goal. This information helps us understand user behavior, preferences, and patterns. We analyze this information using a variety of software and decision-making machines designed to improve the delivery of software and online to our customers.

Our commitment to providing the easiest and most useful online portal for Cambodian visas is based on the collection and analysis of this information. We are proud to be the global leader in providing Cambodia e-Visas to users in 180 countries and have a strong responsibility to meet the expectations of our diverse users .

The database plays an important role in facilitating the visa application process, ensuring effective communication with applicants, and constantly improving the user experience. Using this information allows us to maintain our leadership in providing Cambodian visas to international users.

Regulatory Compliance

We operate within the regulatory framework established by various governments that enables us to comply with various laws, regulations, rules, rules, and regulations. This means we may be subject to audits, legal proceedings, or investigations. Therefore, in certain cases, we may need to share your information to comply with a court order or resolve a legal matter. Other purposes for which the information may be used.

We also use this information to monitor compliance with our Terms and Conditions and to enforce our Policy. This helps protect us from fraud and supports our efforts to stay safe online.

Personal Information

We will not disclose your personal information to third parties, affiliates, agents, or commercial entities. The only circumstances in which we may share this personal information are:

With the Government of Cambodia or any other government

On behalf of the government of Cambodia, we must provide you with information for immigration authorities in Cambodia to facilitate your decision to apply for a Cambodian visa. Issues with your Cambodia e-Visa cannot be resolved without sharing this information.

The Cambodian government requires these documents for the processing of the Cambodian visa and usually decides whether to approve/accept or deny/reject your Cambodia visa application within 72 hours or 3 business days after the application is submitted.

Legal Policy on Information Sharing

By submitting your Cambodia visa application at this website,you acknowledge that we are bound by the Disclosure in accordance with the laws and regulations. Transmission of personal information to authorities when necessary. These laws and regulations may apply in Cambodia or any country other than the residence of the Cambodian visa applicant.

Enforce Our Rules and Regulations

As advocates for our rights and in responding to public officials of government authorities of various countries, we may need to use this personal information. This includes complying with court proceedings, complying with legal processes, protecting our intellectual property, asserting our rights, complying with legal remedies, and limiting or minimizing the harm we may sustain.

Personal data management and data deletion

In accordance with GDPR compliance, you have the right to request the deletion of your data and to be forgotten. Any of your electronic records may be deleted upon your request. Most importantly, we cannot delete information that we are legally required to keep or that we are forced to keep because the law does not allow us to disclose it.

Information stored on this platform

We take strong data protection measures to reduce the risk of your information being stolen, lost, or misused. These include data encryption, encryption keys compliance with best practices (such as the OWASP On Standard), and the use of web application firewalls . We have stringent security controls in place to ensure your personal information is secure, auditable, and traceable.

Security measures are taken at every stage of the process, from the moment the application is sent to the data center, to prevent your data from being tampered with or altered without proper investigation. Only trusted security personnel can access this information.

Adhere to software-based and physical security measures to protect this information. Irrelevant data will be deleted in accordance with our software management policy. If you would like to learn more about our data retention policy, you can request it from us.

According to the Data Protection and Data Protection Law, your data will be stored for up to 5 years. This retention period is necessary to comply with various laws and to operate within the law.

When you apply for a Cambodia visa online, please remember that it is your responsibility to ensure the security of your computer or mobile device. We may not be able to protect your data if your device has malware. However, we ensure that your data is encrypted during transmission.

Cambodia e-Visa data is encrypted at rest and in transit to ensure that all software components are always secure, including the transfer of data from your computer and between various software components in the backend.

Modification and Changes to this Privacy Regulations

Our Privacy regulations are a dynamic document that may undergo modifications due to changes in our legal policies, Terms and Conditions, responses to government legislation, and other factors. We reserve the right to make changes to these Privacy regulations, with or without prior notification.

Any changes made to these privacy regulations take immediate effect upon publication.

It is the responsibility of users to stay informed about these privacy regulations. During the Cambodian Visa Application Process, you are asked to accept our Terms and Conditions and Privacy regulations. You are provided with the opportunity to review and provide feedback on our Privacy regulations before submitting your request and payment.

Getting in Touch with Us

Feel free to contact us using our "Contact Us" section. We encourage users to share their suggestions, feedback, recommendations, and areas where we can make improvements. Our dedication is to continuously enhance the premier platform for Cambodian Visa Online applications.

No Immigration Advice Offered

It's important to keep in mind that this necessitates having the appropriate licenses or clearances from authorities. We act as intermediaries to process your application efficiently after conducting expert checks. However, please be aware that we don’t offer immigration advice for any nation, that involves Cambodia, regarding your Visa request.