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The following terms and conditions apply to the relationship between an Cambodian e-Visa applicant who wishes to complete the Cambodia e-Visa application form on this website (referred to as "Applicant" or"you"). These terms are designed to protect the legitimate interests of all parties involved.

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Personal Information

This website securely stores and collects the following information that users provide as personal information :
- Name, date of birth, and place of birth
- Passport Details Information including date of issue and expiry date
- Type of evidence or document
- Telephone and email address
- Postal address and permanent address
- Cookies and computer details
- Payment information, etc.

This personal information will not be shared or disclosed with third parties except in the following:

  • When the user has a perfect appearance.
  • When necessary for the administration and maintenance of the website.
  • When required by law or legal order.
  • It is easy to discriminate when sharing without personal information. When the company needs information to apply.
  • When the company needs information to apply.

This website will not be responsible for incorrect information. For more information about our privacy practices, please see our Privacy Policy.

Website Usage

This website is private and not affiliated with the Government of Cambodia. All information and content on this site are protected by copyright and belong to private organizations. The use of this website and its services is for personal use only. By accessing and using the site you agree not to modify, copy, reuse, or download any part of the site for commercial purposes. All information and content on this website is protected by copyright.

To avoid problems, users of this website must comply with the following rules when using this website:

  1. Users will not send messages that may be considered offensive or insulting to the site, other members, or third parties.
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  4. Users must not engage in any illegal activities or activities.

If you do not comply with the above rules or cause harm to a third party while using our services, the user will be responsible and pay all costs resulting from this. In this case, we will not be responsible for the user's actions. If a user violates our conditions of use, we reserve the right to act against the violator.

Cancellation or rejection of Cambodia e-visa application

Applicants are prohibited from engaging in the following activities: The following activities:

  1. Provide false personal information.
  2. Hide or remove required information during Cambodia e-visa registration.
  3. Ignore, delete, or modify any of the required documents when applying for the Cambodia e-Visa.

If the user is found to have engaged in any of the prohibited activities listed above, we reserve the right to cancel pending visa applications, refuse registrations, and delete the user's account and personal information from the website. If the Cambodian e-Visa applicant agrees, we reserve the right to remove applicant information from this website.

Multiple e-visa applications

If you have applied for an e-visa, visa, or ETA on another website, your application may be rejected or you may apply through our Electronic visas. to be rejected. We have no liability for such rejection. Please note that refunds are not possible under our refund policy.

About our services

We are a leading online service provider in MENA and Oceania. Our exclusive service is to assist foreigners planning to travel to Cambodia with the electronic visa application process. Our representative team will assist you in obtaining an electronic travel permit or e-visa from the government of Cambodia, which we will issue to you.

Our support includes helping you complete your application, carefully reviewing your answers, interpreting documents where necessary, and reviewing documents for accuracy, completeness, spelling, and spelling errors. If additional information is needed to process your request, we may contact you by phone or email.

After completing the application on our website, you will have the opportunity to review the information provided and make the necessary changes. You will then be asked to pay for our services. Experts will review your visa application and send it to the Cambodian government for approval.

In most cases, your application will be processed and, if approved, approved within 24 hours . However, incorrect, or incomplete information will cause the application process to be delayed.

Temporary service interruptions

The website may be temporarily unavailable for a variety of reasons, including:

  • System maintenance routine.
  • Natural disasters, attacks, software updates, etc. Events beyond our control, such as affect the operation of the website.
  • Unforeseen events such as electric shock or fire.
  • Administrative changes, business issues, updates, or other reasons may require temporary suspension of service.

In all these cases, website users will be notified in advance of the suspension. The user is not responsible for any damage caused by delay.


The services of this website are used solely for verification and review of details regarding the applicant’s Cambodia e-Visa application and refund. Approval or rejection of the application is at the sole discretion of the Government of Cambodia. This website and its representatives are not responsible for the outcome of the application, including cancellation or rejection, due to false, inaccurate, or deleted information.


We reserve the right to modify or replace the terms of the Conditions of use and the content of this website at any time. All changes will take effect immediately. By using this website you accept and agree to be bound by the terms and conditions stated on this website. You also agree that it is your responsibility to check the Conditions of Use or the contents of the Website for any updates or changes.

Governing Law and Jurisdiction



These conditions of use are governed by the laws of UAE. In the event of litigation, the parties will be governed by UAE law.

No immigration advice

Our services are limited to submitting immigration applications for Cambodian visas. This does not include providing immigration advice in any country.