Types of Cambodian Visas

There are various kinds of visas available for Cambodia. The Cambodia Tourist Visa (Type T) or Cambodia Business Visa (Type E) available online are the ideal choice for travelers or business visitors.

The Online Cambodia Visa is not available to visitors who are going to Cambodia for purposes apart from vacation or business visits. They need to register for any of the additional visas for Cambodia, such as employment, retirement, or educational visas.

Who should submit applications for the different kinds of Cambodia visas is explained on this page.

What sorts of Visas are available for Cambodia?

To enter Cambodia, tourists are required to have a visa provided that they are citizens of a country that does not require one.

Even for brief trips, tourists, people in business, and scholars need a Cambodia visa to travel to the nation.

The kind of visa a traveler needs for Cambodia relies on:

  • Citizenship
  • Purpose for vacationing there
  • Duration of visit

Travel Permit

Visitors who intend to stay in Cambodia for a maximum of one month on vacation must get a tourist visa (T Class).

A visitor's permit for Cambodia is available online to nationals of over 200 different countries. Requests are reviewed entirely online, and those whose applications get accepted obtain the visas via mail.

A visitor's permit for Cambodia may additionally be obtained by the Embassy of Cambodia or upon arriving in the country.

Visitors who choose the visa-on-arrival option must stand in a queue at the entry point. When they pay for their visa, tourists need to have precisely the right amount of cash on hand. Tourists are urged to obtain visas electronically wherever feasible.

Visa for business

The Cambodia Business Visa (Class E) is available for visitors who are traveling there for work. The Business Visa entitles the holder to a month’s stay in Cambodia.

Any nationality can submit an online request for an employment visa. This involves people who are currently not eligible to apply for a Cambodia visa for tourism on the Internet, such as residents from Thailand, Brunei, and Myanmar.

Modifications of Visas for Vacation and Work in Cambodia

In Cambodia, the customs department may extend tourism and enterprise visas, including the eVisa, for up to 30 days.

If granted the extension, holders of Cambodia Visa can remain for an additional period of a two-month period (60 days).

Ordinary Visa for Cambodia

Visitors from abroad who want to be permitted to remain in Cambodia for a longer duration of time should use the Cambodia Ordinary Visa.

The initial validity of the company visa is one month, much like vacation visas. Registering for any of the visa extensions below will allow you to extend it indefinitely.

Online access to the Ordinary Visa is not possible. To apply, tourists must get in touch with the nearest Cambodia Consulate.

Embassy of Cambodia visa extensions

Visitors to Cambodia on a regular visa can apply for any of the four types of extensions to their visas from inside the country.

Extension of EB business visa
For freelancers, employees, and foreigners who are employed in Cambodia, a visa extension is available. The extension may last for up to a year.

Those applying for an EB visa extension must present a letter attesting to their job in the nation. Foreigners also require employment registration in order to lawfully work in Cambodia.

EG Extension of Jobseeker Visa

Foreign nationals can request an extension of their EG visa if they're seeking work in Cambodia. A maximum of six months may be added to the term.
Extension of ER retirement visa
Candidates for retiree permits in Cambodia must submit documentation demonstrating:

  • Retirement status in their own nation
  • Enough funding to cover their own costs
  • Retired permits for Cambodia are typically only issued to those who are 55 years of age or older.

ES prolongation of student Cambodia visa

  • Candidates must have a valid reason to be qualified for a Cambodia ES student visa extension.
  • Message from a Cambodian school that has been tracked
  • Proof of enough funding

Extensions for Cambodian student visas can last up to a year.

Other Visa Categories in Cambodia

The most popular types of entry authorizations for tourists from outside of Cambodia are visas for visitors and regular visas.

The following extra Cambodia visa categories are available to other tourists:

K class visa: for those who have foreign citizenship and a Cambodian ancestor workers of companies that the Cambodian government has invited to apply for a B-class visa.
Workers of foreign NGOs with a contract with the Cambodian Ministry of Foreign Affairs are eligible for a C-class visa.
These Cambodian visas must be requested beforehand via a consulate or embassy.

Additional Visa Types for Cambodia

Visas for tourists and normal visas are the two most common entrance authorizations for visitors traveling from countries other than Cambodia.

Other travelers can apply for the additional visa categories for Cambodia listed below:

Employees of organizations that the Cambodian government has encouraged to apply for a B-class visa may apply for a K-class visa if they hold dual citizenship with Cambodia and a foreign national.
A C-class visa is available to employees of international non-governmental organizations.
Such Cambodian permits must be obtained in advance through an embassy or consulate.

Documents needed for various Cambodian visas

Other visa seekers must schedule an appointment with the Cambodian Embassy and bring the necessary paperwork.

Basic conditions for Cambodian visas

To apply for a visa to Cambodia, you must:

  • Authentic Passport
  • A current passport photograph
  • Visa application that is filled
  • Additional proof: Visitors who seek another sort of visa might need to submit additional paperwork: