Cambodia Visa for French Nationals

Updated on Feb 05, 2024 | Cambodia e-Visa

It is mandatory for French people wanting to visit Cambodia to apply for a visa prior to visiting the nation. However, French nationals can apply for Online Cambodian visa quickly and easily, usually in under twenty minutes.

For French nationals, obtaining a visa to Cambodia does not require any paperwork or an appointment at the embassy. Details and requirements for an electronic-based Cambodia visa are available on this page.

Is a visa necessary for French nationals to enter Cambodia?

Yes, they need to obtain a visa to enter Cambodia. There are numerous types of Cambodia visa for French nationals, according to the purposes(s) for travelling and the duration of time spent in Cambodia. 

The Cambodian e-Visa is the most convenient alternative for French people, as it is easy and cheap to get from any part of the globe.

How to Obtain a Cambodia Visa

The e-application procedure for Cambodia Visa for French nationals can be finished in moments using any internet-connected device. The applicants must finish the three steps listed below:

  • Fill out the application form.
  • Give the application fee.
  • Upload the required documents like face-photo and passport.

Documents Needed to Apply for a Cambodia Visa 

For French nationals, obtaining a Cambodia Visa is an easy process. Just some of the Cambodia visa for French Nationals criteria must be completed, as detailed below.

  • Passport: Before entering Cambodia, every tourist needs an active passport. Please keep in mind that the passport you are using should be applicable to for not less than 6 months.
  • Photo: All travellers applying for a Cambodia visa online must have a current passport-size digital photo (in Jpg or PNG form).
  • Correct email address

The application process will require you to answer a few background questions, which may include:

  • Private data or information
  • Passport information / details
  • The reason for the visit

They must also aim to go from France to Cambodia for the purpose of vacationing.  French citizens travelling to the nation for a variety of reasons, such as jobs or studies, should get the appropriate visa.

Lastly, French citizens must adhere to the visa's conditions and limitations (including not exceeding the visa's validity period) along with Cambodian regulations.

How to Apply for a Cambodia Visa: Completing the Form

To obtain a Cambodia visa for French nationals must complete an online form. The procedure for applying is simple and comprises basic questions like:

  • Name and Passport details
  • Reason for visiting the nation
  • Any relatives in Cambodia, for example.
  • Most individuals fill the form in under ten minutes on average. The majority of French applicants receive their visas within a day, although it might take four working days.

The applicant receives the Cambodia visa for French nationals through email once the application has been granted. It is recommended that the visa be printed prior to departure.

Travellers are required to produce their passport and a granted Cambodia visa for French nationals at the border.

The Cambodia Visa for French Nationals are valid for stays of up to a month, but you may renew the visa for one more month.

The French traveller can use the visa to enter Cambodia from any part of the globe.  So, while the visa can be used to travel from Marseille, Lyon, or Paris to Cambodia.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can French Citizens Travel to Cambodia?

Yes, French people can normally travel to Cambodia to work, for recreation, providing they have the proper visa/entry authorization. The Cambodia visa for French nationals permits them to visit the country if they satisfy the conditions of a visa and restrictions and follow the applicable rules.

Keep in mind that in unusual and uncommon instances, such as the coronavirus epidemic, short-term entry constraints may be introduced with little notice. French visitors ought to verify this site in addition to the most recent government notifications to ensure that there are no restrictions in place.

Is it possible for French citizens visit Cambodia with no visa?

Because French people do not have visa-free access to Cambodia, they must enter the nation with a proper permit.

The evisa for French citizens with passports is the most convenient way to enter the nation for tourist-related events.  French visitors can apply online in moments and anticipate acquiring their visa via email within a day or two of submitting the application.

How Much Does an Online Cambodia Visa from France Cost?

Visa application fees are charged by countries, including Cambodia. The evisa application fee is identical for all citizens, including French nationals; and it should be paid.

The application price is low, and payment may be made conveniently online. After completing the form, the visitor is prompted to make the payment through a secure electronic payment method. The majority of debit and credit card transactions are acknowledged.

Is it possible for French citizens to obtain a Cambodian visa on arrival?

Although Cambodia offers visas on arrival, it might not be an extremely efficient alternative. It might be tedious and time-consuming because:

  • At the airport, long lines may form.
  • French applicants must travel with the relevant documentation.
  • The fee for applying must be deposited in cash at the time of application.

The evisa application process eliminates all the preceding. Before travelling, French people may submit applications from the convenience of their own home and acquire their issued visa by email.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Cambodia e-Visa. Get answers to the most common questions about the requirements, important information and documents required to travel to Cambodia.

Cambodia Visa Online is an online travel permit to visit Cambodia for tourism or commercial purposes. International visitors must have a Cambodia e-Visa to be able to visit Cambodia. Foreign citizens can apply for an Cambodia e-Visa Application in a matter of minutes.

In addition to Indian citizens, Australian citizens, Canadian citizens, French citizens and Italian citizens are eligible to apply online for Cambodia e-Visa.