Cambodia Visa Online

Cambodia e-Visa is a necesseary travel authorisation for travelers planning to enter Cambodia for business or tourism purposes. With Cambodia e-Visa foreign visitors can visit Cambodia for upto a month.

What is Cambodia Visa Online or Cambodia e-Visa?

In 2006, the Cambodian Government introduced an online Visa program for Cambodia which is popularly referred to as Cambodia e-Visa on Online Cambodia Visa.

This introduction is considered as a revolution in the world of international travel and tourism as foreign passport holders from across the globe can visit Cambodia conveniently and speedily with an Online Visa that eliminates the need to book appointments with the Embassy/consulate office or attend numerous interviews to obtain an in-person paper Visa for Cambodia.

With a streamlined application process that can be completed within minutes, international tourists can enjoy the benefits of obtaining a valid Visa for Cambodia from the luxury of their homes for tourism, business and transit purposes 100% online. The Cambodia e-Visa remains in validity for a continuous period of 90-days which permits foreign tourists and business visitors to enjoy a brief stay of 01-months in the beautiful land of Cambodia.

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What Are The Types Of Cambodia E-Visas Online?

Cambodia Tourist E-Visa (Type T)

Cambodia is an infinitely blessed nation that houses numerous natural attractions and ancient ruins/temples that allows tourists to learn about the imperial history and cultural significance of the country along with spending some of the most tranquil and relaxing days in nature for a soul-rejuvenating experience. This is possible through the Cambodia Tourist e-Visa which is a Type T Visa. With a Tourist e-Visa for Cambodia, international visitors can enjoy the following activities

30-Day Tourist e-Visa | 03 Months Validity | Single-Entry

  • Sightseeing and touring around the country.
  • Leisure and recreational activities.
  • Visiting friends, family members and acquaintances.
  • Exploring the most popular tourist attractions/destinations in the country and much more.

Cambodia Business E-Visa (Type E)

30-Day Business E-Visa | 03 Months Validity | Single-Entry

Along with being a hot-spot for tourism, Cambodia is also regarded as a magnet for international business visitors as the growing economy and skilled workforce enables an increase in high-quality business, entrepreneurship and employment opportunities. To get benefitted by these ever-increasing business opportunities or to set-up a new business venture in Cambodia, a Business e-Visa is essential. With a Type E Visa for Cambodia, foreign business visitors can pursue following activities in Cambodia:

  • Attending meetings/workshops/seminars.
  • Entering Cambodia for new and ongoing project purposes.
  • Brief visits regarding technical and non-technical purposes.
  • Attending contract negotiations.
  • Exploring new business and entrepreneurship opportunities in Cambodia.

The Cambodia Electronic Visa Requirements

All qualifying candidates should mandatorily posses the below-mentioned documents to apply for a Cambodia e-Visa online:

  • A valid Passport - This passport should remain valid for a continuous period of 06-months from the intended date of arrival in Cambodia. Two blank pages in the passport is a necessity.
  • A recent photo of face is necessary to complete the Cambodia visa application.
  • A valid credit or debit card for online Cambodia e-Visa application fee payment.
  • A working and routinely accessed email ID for receiving the Cambodia e-Visa approval notice and other necessary updates/notifications.
  • Travelling itinerary or travel plan for Cambodia that mentions the applicant's intended date of arrival in Cambodia, purposes of visit to the country, etc.

Which Nations Qualify for Cambodia E-Visa?

Cambodia welcomes millions of tourists and business visitors each year from over 200+ countries that are eligible for a Cambodia e-Visa online

Check your eligibility for Cambodia e-Visa using Cambodia Visa Eligibility Checker tool.

How To Apply For A Cambodia E-Visa In Just Three Easy Steps?

Cambodian Government has made an online Visa for Cambodia effective from 2006 that aims at permitting qualifying travellers to enter and stay in Cambodia for many different purposes that can be divided in three main categories such as Tourism purposes, Business purposes and Transit purposes. Each purpose of visit is conveniently associated with a specific kind of Cambodia e-Visa that can be applied by following these straightforward steps

  • Complete the Cambodia Visa Online application form
  • Pay the Cambodia e-Visa fees using a well-functioning credit or debit card. Wait for the processing period to end.
  • Receive the approved Cambodia e-Visa in the registered email inbox. Print it and bring it on the journey to Cambodia.

What Are The Designated Ports Of Entry For Qualifying Cambodia E-Visa Holders?

Before embarking on their journey, travelers should print the e-visa and ensure it is readily available for presentation at the immigration checkpoint upon entering Cambodia.

Designated Air Routes

The Cambodian Government permits international tourists and business visitors to seamlessly enter the beautiful nation via three main designated airports.

  • International Airport Of Phnom Penh - PNH.
  • International Airport Of Siem Reap - REP.
  • International Airport of Sihanoukville- KOS.

Designated Land Boundaries

With an approved Cambodia electronic Visa, foreign passport holders have the power to enter Cambodia via the three main designated land boundaries that are-

  • Via Thailand- Visitors can enter Cambodia via the Cham Yeam and PoiPet border crossings/boundaries.
  • Via Vietnam- When entering Cambodia from Vietnam, travellers can utilise the Bavet border post/boundary.
  • Via Laos- To enter Cambodia from the border crossing/boundary of Laos, the Tropeang Kreal Border Post should be taken.

Frequently Asked Questions

In how much time can applicants expect to receive their approved Cambodia e-Visa?

In general, we take about 03 to 04 business days to provide an approved Cambodia e-Visa. This processing period can quickly get over if the application submitted is perfect according to the standards set by the Cambodian Government. In some cases, due to a faulty e-Visa application or high volume of applications for processing, this period can be delayed. Therefore applicants are suggested to apply for a Cambodia e-Visa well in advance.

Should applicants carry a hardcopy of their approved e-Visa to Cambodia?

Yes. It is extremely necessary to carry a hardcopy of the approved Cambodia e-Visa while travelling to the country. This is mainly because during arrival, the Cambodian immigration authorities will verify the approved Cambodia e-Visa hardcopy and in many cases, an electronic copy of the e-Visa will not be accepted. Therefore keeping a paper copy of the e-Visa is recommended.

How long can travellers stay in Cambodia with an electronic Visa?

International visitors will be permitted to stay in Cambodia for a period of thirty days only. Regardless of if the traveller is entering Cambodia for tourism visits or business visits, this authorised duration of stay will not change. If the traveller wishes to stay in Cambodia for a period longer than 30-days, they can apply for an e-Visa extension.

What are some common reasons for the Cambodia e-Visa rejection/refusal?

Some common reasons for a Cambodia e-Visa rejection can be:

  • Incomplete or inaccurate application.
  • Past records of overstaying in Cambodia with an e-Visa.
  • Major health issues or a criminal background.
  • The purpose of visit or intended duration of stay is not matching with the policies of the Cambodia e-Visa.
  • Invalid or expired passport.

Will children or minors need a Cambodia e-Visa?

Yes. A Cambodia e-Visa is an essential entry requirement regardless of the age of the visitor. To ensure 100% accuracy and consistency of the e-Visa application, it is suggested that the parents or guardians of the child/minor fill out their e-Visa application on their behalf.