Tourist Guide to Activities and Things to Do in Cambodia

Updated on Feb 11, 2024 | Cambodia e-Visa

Cambodia possesses plenty for everyone, whether they are seeking thrills, peacefulness, or creativity. You will never run out of things to do or feel uninterested in this enticing country because there is so lot to explore and do.

You will be mesmerized by the splendor, tradition, and heritage of Cambodia. It is a location in which one may take in the wonder of historic cultures, the splendors of the environment, and the friendliness of the locals. 

These are just a few of the numerous things to do in Cambodia which will add to the magic of your visit. You will never run out of things to do or feel uninterested in this enticing country because there is so lot to explore and do. So grab your tickets right away and be ready for an amazing journey!

Apsara Dance – Witness the Khmer Performance

When visiting Cambodia, do not skip the Apsara Show, a traditional Khmer show, if you enjoy art, theatrics, and dance. This traditional dance displays the rich and old past of the Khmer people, making it among the many intriguing and engaging events to see and experience in Cambodia. 

The ancient tales of the palaces of monarchs and the Creator, in which the Apsaras were heavenly performers that amused and captivated spectators with their elegance and aesthetics, serve as the inspiration for The Apsara Show. From these myths, the contemporary Apsara Show has developed into a special and exclusive form of creativity that captures the character and essence of Cambodia.

The choreography used in Khmer dance is intricate and eloquent and it uses the dancers' movements to create a narrative. The apparel and other items worn by the performers are vibrant and extravagant, which enhances the dance's sense of style and significance.  You are taken to a new universe by the captivating mood that is also produced by the sounds and illumination.  

The Apsara Show is one of the finest activities or things to do in Cambodia since it gives you a look at the past and heritage of this fascinating nation and gives you the chance to watch a breathtaking performance that will captivate you.

Cruising the Mekong River

Consider taking a sail on the Mekong River if you're seeking adventure in Cambodia. Another of the globe's longest rivers, the Mekong, provides a special viewpoint on the nation's varied topography, people, and animals.

An excursion on the Mekong River will give you the chance to see how the locals who rely on the river for their daily sustenance live their everyday lives. The Mekong River basin is an agricultural region that provides much of Cambodia's food. Alongside the banks of the water, there is a variety of lush vegetation that develops, as well as various creatures that live in the area around the river.

The Mekong River cruise is more than simply a simple tourist excursion. It's an opportunity to discover some of Cambodia's lesser-known attractions, including its remote villages, archaeological sites, and breathtaking scenery.  You will experience the warmth and hospitality of the individuals who reside along the banks of the river as well as their history, tradition, and rituals. 

One of the most thrilling and unforgettable things to do in Cambodia is take a sail down the Mekong River. You will travel through the nation's core on this excursion, which will also reveal to you its natural beauty and allure. Don't pass up this opportunity to sail the Mekong River and learn more about Cambodia.

Ta Prohm – Explore the Temple Of ‘Tomb Raider

Visit Ta Prohm, among the many incredible temples in Angkor, Cambodia, if you're seeking for a spot to experience the beauty and mystique of nature. Because Ta Prohm has not undergone any restoration or remodeling, it stands out among the Angkor temples. The antique carvings of stone and the enormous tree roots around them create a beautiful contrast, allowing you to observe how the temple became gradually overrun by the forest over the years.

Another reason Ta Prohm is well-known is that it served as the backdrop for a few scenes in the Angelina Jolie-starring film "Tomb Raider." Many visitors flock here to imitate Lara Croft, the film's heroic protagonist, in her famous stances.

Millions of people visit Ta Prohm each year, making it one of Cambodia's most well-known tourist destinations. The Angkor Archaeological Park, a World Heritage Site recognized by UNESCO that spans more than 400 square kilometers and is home to hundreds of temples and structures from various eras of Khmer history, includes it. 

You must purchase a park admission ticket, priced at $37 for a single day, sixty-two dollars for three consecutive days, or 72 dollars for a whole week, in order to visit Ta Prohm. To find out more about the background and culture of Angkor, you may additionally hire a tourist guide or join up for a tour.

The best times to visit Ta Prohm are first thing in the early hours or later in the day when there are fewer tourists and better lighting for photography. Ta Prohm is accessible from sunrise to dusk. Because some areas of the temple are steep and impermeable, you must also have comfortable shoes and clothing. 

Additionally, you must respect the area's holiness by refraining from touching or climbing any of the buildings or trees. Additionally, you should take care not to frighten or injure any of the flora or animals that are native to the monastery site.

Ta Prohm is a location that will astound you with its beauty and mystique, leaving you in awe.  You can sense the interconnectedness of the Environment and civilization as a whole, the past and present, both real and figments of our imagination there. It's a spot you will never forget.

National Parks – Engage with The Wild

Think again if you believe that Cambodia is exclusively known for its temples. There is much more to this Southeast Asian nation than merely historical sites and places of worship. Cambodia offers some magnificent national parks and refuges for wildlife which are host to several of the greatest numerous and endangered creatures on the globe, making them perfect for individuals who enjoy the outdoors and adventure. Here are a few of Cambodia's top destinations for a thrilling and unforgettable experience.

The natural beauties of Cambodia are home to stately elephants, stealthy tigers, vibrant birds, and magnificent coral reefs. So don't pass up this chance to explore Cambodia's secret attractions outside of its temples.

Travelers can experience Cambodia's broadened and extensive cultural past. Numerous old temples and structures can be found there, which exhibit the legacy of Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, and several other faiths and cultures. Find out more at Travel Guide to Museums to Visit in Cambodia.

Trek to the Cardamom Mountains

You shouldn't pass up the chance to explore the Cardamom Mountains if you're seeking for a distinctive and unforgettable experience in Cambodia. The greatest intact Forest in South-East Asia is found inside this gorgeous mountain range, which makes up more than 10% of the nation's total geographical area. Not only is the rainforest a vital provider of ecosystem services and biodiversity, but it also serves as an important cultural asset for the local people of the region.

More than 100 species of animals, 450 species of birds, and 150 reptiles and amphibian kinds may be found in the Cardamom Mountains. Some of them, like the Asian elephant, Indochinese tiger, Siamese crocodile, and giant ibis, are threatened or endemic. A wide range of plants, including bamboo, rattan, orchids, and medicinal plants are also available. The beauty and diversity of the rainforest will astound you. It is a true wonder of nature.

The Cardamom Mountains' native population is an essential component of the rainforest. They have been conserving their ancient knowledge, practices, and beliefs by residing there for millennia. They are members of various ethnic groups, including the Por, Chong, Pear, and S'aoch. 

They have unique lives, languages, and religions. Their source of nutrition, nourishment, shelter, and treatment is the rainforest. They appreciate the forest's holiness and maintain a close relationship with its spirits.

You have a number of options if you are interested in discovering the Cardamom Mountains. You can sign up for a guided trekking excursion that will lead visitors to a few of the rainforest's most beautiful locations and undiscovered treasures.

 A community-operated ecotourism resort is another option, which will enable you to meet the locals while discovering their customs and history. You can also lend a hand with a conservation effort to safeguard the natural environment and its inhabitants. Whatever you decide, you will have an incredible experience among Cambodia's most breathtaking locations.

Shopping – Grab Souvenirs from The Local Markets

For buyers who enjoy learning about the local way of life and culture through the things they purchase, Cambodia is a shopping heaven. The nation has a huge selection of handicrafts that highlight its rich history, culture, and religion. Whatever you're searching for—souvenirs, presents, or home décor—you'll find it in Cambodia, whatever your taste and price range.

If you are wondering where to buy these amazing Cambodian products, here are some of the best places to visit:

One of the oldest and most significant night markets in Siem Reap is the Angkor Night Market, in which you will discover hundreds of vendors offering anything from antiques to food to massage treatments. Every day from 5 p.m. to midnight, it is open, and there is live entertainment and a lively atmosphere.

Crafted in Cambodia Market: This is an example of a relatively new market that emphasizes supporting regional artists and businesspeople who create top-notch goods that are made with ethically sourced materials and with consideration for the environment.

 You can buy products manufactured in Cambodia with attention to detail, including clothes, accessories, jewelry, pottery, artwork, books, and more. It is open daily from twelve o'clock to ten o'clock at night, and on weekends, there are cultural acts.

The Angkor Handicraft Association is a nonprofit that assists rural craftsmen who produce traditional handicrafts such as stone carving, painting, silk weaving, and basket and pottery production. You can place an online order or purchase their goods directly from their showroom. Additionally, you can go to their factories and see how they create their goods.

Old Market: It serves as one of Siem Reap's oldest and most well-known markets. Here, you can buy everything from fresh produce and antiques to trinkets and souvenirs. It is close to the riverbank and open daily from seven in the morning to six in the evening.  It's a fantastic location for learning about the local way of life and negotiating for the best offers.

- One of Phnom Penh's busiest markets, the Russian Market offers a variety of goods including clothes, electronics, books, DVDs, artistic creations, and more. The Russian expats that visited it in the 1980s gave it its moniker. It is an excellent location to go shopping for affordable, high-quality goods and is open daily from 7 a.m. to five o'clock in the evening. 

Going shopping in Cambodia is enjoyable and profitable. Finding one-of-a-kind and genuine goods that showcase the nation's beauty and uniqueness while promoting regional economies and communities is possible. What are you still holding out for? So grab your cash and go hunting!

Treak Village – Cambodian Village Cooking Class

Travellers who want to experience Cambodia's natural and cultural splendour can engage in a variety of free activities there. Cycling through the countryside, riding a tuk-tuk through the busy city, or sailing along the beautiful rivers are all options. However, if you happen to have some extra cash, you may want to think about any of the paid activities that can enhance and enrich your trip. Among them is studying the delectable and varied cuisine of Cambodia.

With the assistance of a local chef who can show you the tips and tricks of Cambodian cooking, you can learn how to make these meals as well as many others. Depending on your desire, you can decide whether to take cooking lessons in town or in a rural place. 

If you choose the second option, you will get the chance to go to a nearby market, choose fresh goods, and prepare meals in a conventional kitchen. Additionally, you will get to converse with the locals and discover more about their way of life and culture.

Cooking authentic Cambodian food is not just enjoyable and delectable, but it also helps the community and preserves its food culture.  You will learn new things that you may take home with you and teach your loved ones. It is a fantastic way to become fully immersed in Cambodia's lively and varied culture.

The one-month Cambodia Tourist Visa (T-class) is valid for visitors. For tourists visiting Cambodia, it is the best choice. Read more at Tourist Visa to Cambodia.

Diving – Explore the World Underneath Sihanoukville

Consider trying scuba diving in Sihanoukville if you're seeking for a distinctive and exciting experience in Cambodia. Some of the best diving locations in the nation can be found in this seaside city, where you may explore the undiscovered mysteries of the undersea world. The water's clarity, the sea's warmth, and the variety of marine life that lives on the coral reefs will astound you. Scuba diving in Cambodia is enjoyable, secure, and reasonably priced.

There are numerous respectable diving schools that provide classes and excursions for divers of all experience levels, from beginners to specialists. Additionally, you have a variety of dives to pick from, including wrecks diving, coral diving, nighttime diving, as well as deep diving.  

Whatever your inclination, you will undoubtedly enjoy discovering Sihanoukville's underwater environment. One of the greatest ways to experience this nation's beauty below the surface is to go scuba diving in Cambodia. You won't forget this adventure, I can guarantee it.

Swimming – Swim with The Elephants

Visit the Elephant River Valley Project in Mondulkiri if you're seeking a special and memorable experience in Cambodia. rescued elephants who have experienced abuse, neglect, harm, or exploitation are housed in this sanctuary. The Elephant Valley Project seeks to give these elephants a secure and healthy environment where they can recover and flourish. 

It protects the independence and worth of the elephants, in contrast to other locations that provide elephant rides or performances.

Visit them as either a tourist or an employee to see the incredible work they do. These magnificent creatures will be available for you to study, get close to, and bond within their natural environment. The experienced employees can also tell you more about their lives, quirks, and behaviors. This is a very fulfilling and memorable opportunity to come in touch with the environment and help someone in need.

Biking – Explore Siem Reapon a Bike

Travelers who value natural beauty, cultural legacy, and a tranquil atmosphere are drawn to Cambodia. Cycling across the country's picturesque landscapes and historic temples is one of the things to do in Cambodia and to also explore the nation. Backpackers who wish to avoid congestion and people and have a more genuine and profound experience frequently go on cycling trips.

The beautiful Angkor temples, including Ta Prohm, Elephant Terrace, and Bayon, wherein visitors may awe at the elaborate carvings and architecture, are some of the excursion’s highlights. 

Biking in Cambodia is not just enjoyable and nutritious, but it also benefits the natural world and neighborhoods.  For anyone who enjoys nature and culture, it is one of the most enjoyable and interesting things to do in Cambodia.

The museums, palaces, pagodas, and markets provide a look into Cambodia's history and culture. Bars, restaurants, and clubs make up its vibrant nightlife. These are only a few of the major towns that contribute to making Cambodia an interesting and varied place to travel. Here is an overview of the most popular cities in Cambodia to visit.

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