Thailand to Cambodia: Land Border Crossing

Updated on Dec 26, 2023 | Cambodia e-Visa

Numerous globe-trotters who venture into Thailand opt for the remarkable land crossing between Thailand & Cambodia instead of taking to the skies.

Numerous globe-trotters who venture into Thailand opt for the remarkable land crossing between Thailand & Cambodia instead of taking to the skies.

Taking the bus between Bangkok and Siem Reap not only offers a captivating adventure but also grants tourists the opportunity to explore other than Angkor Wat mesmerizing landmarks, all without the need for air travel.

Travelers originating from various countries and holding different passports are generally required to obtain a visa to gain entry into Cambodia. However, smart travelers can now sidestep the border queues by securing their Cambodian electronic Visa, online well in advance.

For a comprehensive guide on visa requirements, along with other essential details regarding the thrilling Thai-Cambodia border crossing, look no further than this very page.

Is a Visa Required for Travel by land between Thailand & Cambodia?

When planning to travel across the border crossing  between Thailand & Cambodia, it's essential to be aware of Cambodia's visa requirements, which are applicable to travelers arriving in the country via land.

For foreign nationals, an appropriate visa and passport are mandatory for entering Cambodia. Thailand is the only country that may go to Cambodia without a visa. 

The good news is that Allowed guests may now conveniently e-application for a visa to Cambodia. The computer application process can be effortlessly finished in Thailand or somewhere else around the world using just a laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

Once obtained, the Cambodian electronic Visa, grants entry at specific Thai-Cambodian land borders, as well as international airports, making it a practical and efficient option for crossing between these two neighbouring nations.

However, it's crucial to Be aware that the electronic Visa is not valid for travel between Thailand & Cambodia by ferry, so travelers must plan their journey accordingly.

Border crossing between Thailand & Cambodia through an electronic Visa

For those equipped with a Cambodian electronic Visa, an array of land border crossing between Thailand & Cambodia presents an enticing opportunity to embark on a cross-border journey like no other. The Hat Lek to Cham Yeam crossing and the Aranyaprathet to Poipet transit are among these recognised entrance locations, each offering unique experiences and vistas to explore.

However, for those opting for other Thai-border crossings with Cambodia outside the aforementioned ones, obtaining a arrival-only visas becomes a necessary stepTravelers can efficiently secure their visas near the border crossing office, ensuring a seamless transition into the captivating realm of Cambodia.

Border crossing between Thailand & Cambodia

While Border crossing between Thailand & Cambodia the Thailand-Cambodia border offers an array of accessible points where Travellers from abroad can embark on captivating cross-country adventures. These entry points facilitate seamless exploration between the two enchanting nations, brimming with cultural riches and natural wonders.

In Poipet, Cambodia, benefiting from the convenience of eVisa acceptance, the journey becomes even smoother, originating from Aranyaprathet, Thailand. Another favoured choice is the passage from Hat Lek, Thailand, to Koh Kong, Cambodia (Cham Yeam Checkpoint), offering a direct route to the scenic Sihanoukville and extending a warm welcome to eVisa holders.

For those in search of routes less taken, passages such as from Chong Jom, Thailand, to O’Smach in Oddar Meanchey, Cambodia, or from Chong Sa Ngam, Thailand, to Anlong Veng in Oddar Meanchey, Cambodia, present off-the-beaten-path journeys that unveil concealed treasures.

Arriving at Ban Pakard in Chantaburi, Thailand, daring adventurers can set forth on a voyage to Phsar Prom Pailin, Cambodia (Prom Checkpoint). Similarly, for those who cross at Ban Laem, Chantaburi, Thailand, the opportunity awaits to continue their expedition to Daung Lem in Battambang, Cambodia (Daung Checkpoint).

It's essential to note that Border crossings into Cambodia typically operate between 8 am in the morning and 8 pm in the evening, so travelers can plan their itineraries accordingly to make the most of their cross-border escapades.

Which border crossing is most wee-known between Thailand & Cambodia?

When venturing across the border crossing between Thailand & Cambodia, the entryway between Aranyaprathet and Poipet. stands out as the most sought-after choice among travelers. It is a favoured crossing where visitors who are conveniently utilize the Cambodian Electronic Visa, streamlining their entry process and saving precious time.

For those opting to embark on this journey by bus, a few essential tips can enhance their experience:

  • Arrive at early bus station to secure a smooth and timely departure.
  • Purchase advance bus tickets to avoid last-minute hassles and ensure a seat.
  • Take advantage of the convenience offered by the online eVisa application process for Cambodia, simplifying entry procedures upon arrival.

By applying for an electronic visa beforehand, travelers gain the advantage of swift passage passed the checkpoint's immigration for Cambodia. There is no must fill up applications for visas in person upon arrival, eliminating potential delays and streamlining the entire border-crossing experience.

Is Cambodia's border with Thailand open?

As of May 1st, 2022, the long-awaited reopening of the Cambodia-Thailand land boundaries has come into effect, bringing relief and excitement to travelers eager to embark on cross-border adventures once more.

However, amidst the ongoing battle against COVID-19, stringent health measures remain in place to ensure the safety of all visitors and locals. Travelers crossing the border crossing between Thailand & Cambodia may be requested to furnish specific documentation, including a vaccine record a health declaration, as part of the entry requirements.

While the resumption of land border crossings is a positive step forward, it is essential for travelers to stay informed about the latest health guidelines and regulations in both countries to have a seamless and secure journey.

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How to Travel by Land between Thailand & Cambodia

For travelers based in the vibrant city of Bangkok, reaching the charming town of Poipet at the Thailand-Cambodia border is easily achievable through accessible public transportation. Here's a step-by-step guide to ensure a smooth journey:

  • Commence your expedition by taking a rail or bus to the town of Aranyaprathet, which serves as a pivotal point for border crossings.
  • Continue your onward journey either to the border by boarding a different bus, opting for the iconic tuk-tuk ride, both of which offer a taste of local charm.
  • From there, those seeking a direct route to Siem Reap can hop on a bus departing from either the Khao San bus station or the Mo Chit bus station, providing a hassle-free transit to their desired destination.
  • Before crossing the border, ensure that you complete present the Thai departure card, along with your passport, to the Immigration officials in Thailand for smooth exit procedures.
  • Upon arrival at the Cambodia immigration checkpoint, travelers will receive their entrance stamp from Cambodia the immigration authorities, officially granting them access to the captivating land of Cambodia.
  • To make the journey from the border more convenient, take advantage of the complimentary shuttle service to the nearby bus station.

For an effortless and enjoyable experience, adequate preparation is crucial. Unprepared visitors may encounter lengthy queues and may need to navigate around scammers or even face bribery attempts from immigration officers.

Travelers who haven't obtained an electronic visa prepare for a arrival-only visas. It is advisable to carry sufficient US dollars to cover visa charges and to stay cautious about potential scams at the Thai-Cambodia border crossing.

Once arriving at the bus station, where the complimentary Shuttle departs with its passengers, travelers have three options to proceed to the enchanting Siem Reap:

  • Taxi: Travelers can opt for a private taxi or choose to share one with other passengers, splitting the $48 fare.
  • Bus: Usually costing around $9, taking a bus is a cost-effective and comfortable option for the journey.
  • Minivan: For a shared travel experience, ten passengers typically share a minivan, and the fare for this option is approximately $10.

Be Aware of Border Scams

When embarking on the cross-border journey between Thailand & Cambodia, travelers must exercise caution to avoid falling prey to scams that are unfortunately prevalent in the region.

Some of the common scams encountered at the border crossings between Thailand and Cambodia are:

  • Exorbitant charges for copies of passports if they are required for the arrival-only visas process.
  • The notorious "Rapid stamping charge," which imposes an extra charge for faster visa processing.
  • Currency exchange scams, where unsuspecting Travellers pay fees unfair and inflated rates for exchanging money.
  • The arrival-only visas assistance scam, where individuals offer unofficial help for obtaining the visa in exchange for a fee.

To safeguard themselves from these scams, travelers are encouraged to obtain their obtaining a visa beforehand using a secure internet system. By doing so, applicants receive their approved visa via email, ready to present at the border checkpoint when crossing between Thailand & Cambodia.

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