Cambodian Visa Roadmap for Indian Citizens

Updated on Mar 06, 2024 | Cambodia e-Visa

Are you planning a trip to Cambodia? Then check out this guide to learn about Cambodia visa documents, Cambodia visa on arrival, and other vital things.

Indian passport holders planning a trip to Cambodia for business, tourism, study, employment, or any other reason must need a visa. So, before you embark on your Southeast Asian adventure, let's conquer this visa hurdle together. Today, we will reveal all the Cambodia visa information that will secure your smooth entry. So, stay with us if you want to ditch all the visa worries.

Types of Cambodia Visa Crafted for Indians

Some of the most common types of Cambodia visas for Indian passport holders are as follows:

  • Cambodia Tourist Visa: This visa type is available in e-visa form, which can be used for spending a vacation in this country, sightseeing, meeting friends and family, etc. The validity of this visa is three months, which provides a stay period of 30 days. Kindly note that this visa type only allows single entry into Cambodia.
  • Cambodia Work Visa: Indians who want to work in Cambodia need this type of visa, which provides an initial stay period of 30 days and can be extended further. To qualify for this visa, you must show a confirmed employment letter from a Cambodian company.
  • Cambodia Business Visa: Indian citizens who want to conduct business activities in Cambodia need this visa. It can be obtained for 1 to 12 months with single and multiple entry facilities. Initially, it allows a stay period of 30 days, which you can extend further. Kindly note that receiving an invitation from a Cambodia-based organisation is mandatory to be eligible for this visa type.
  • Cambodia Student Visa: Indian students who want to take up education in one of the Cambodian institutes can opt for this visa. However, proof of confirmed admission and financial backup are mandatory to be eligible for this visa type. The duration of this visa aligns with the duration of the course.
  • Cambodia Transit Visa: Indian travellers who need a stopover in Cambodia require this type of visa. It will allow you to cross the immigration checkpoint and leave the airport. However, you don't need this visa if you don't want to leave the airport.
  • Cambodia Retirement Visa: Indian citizens who want to live in Cambodia after retirement can opt for this visa. The applicants must be at least 55 years old and have sufficient funds to sustain in this country.

Visa on Arrival for Indians

The Cambodian government also offers visas on arrival to Indians. You will get the Cambodia visa on arrival application form online, free to download. The same is also available at land border crossings, on flights, and at every Cambodian international airport. Fill out this form and submit it at the visa-on-arrival counter. You must also provide some additional documents when applying for a visa on arrival. The list of those additional Cambodia visa documents includes the following:

  • An Indian passport with a validity of at least six months from the travel date
  • Two photographs of the applicant aligned with the photo specifications for Cambodian visas
  • An approval letter from the Cambodian consulate or embassy
  • Confirmed return tickets for the flight
  • Proof of accommodation reservation and sufficient funds for the trip

These are the Cambodian visa documents you need for a visa on arrival. In addition, you also need to pay the visa-on-arrival fee in cash.

Types of Cambodia Visa Crafted for Indians

How Indian Citizens Can Apply for a Cambodian e-Visa?

Visit Online Cambodia Visa to apply for the e-visa. After completing the visa form, submit it and pay the visa fees. You have to download the visa from the portal once it gets approved. Then print it out as you have to show it on arrival in Cambodia. The approval time for Cambodian e-visas is around three business days.

We hope this guide has helped you understand the different types of Cambodia visas, the documents required for a Cambodia visa, the application process for visa on arrival and the Cambodian e-visa. You can consult with CAMBODIAN VISA ONLINE if you need any support in this matter. We are a highly rated and globally trusted Cambodian visa assistance firm. Contact us now to learn more about Cambodia visa essentials.

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