Cambodia Visa Requirements for UAE Citizens - Things You Must Know

Updated on Mar 26, 2024 | Cambodia e-Visa

Discover all the requirements and the application procedure for Cambodia e-visa for the UAE citizens. Visit our official site and apply for Cambodia e-visa now.

Hey there! If you're a UAE citizen looking to visit Cambodia, here's what you need to know about getting your visa.

Since 2006, Cambodia has had an online visa system to make things easier for travelers. UAE passport holders can apply for a single-entry tourist visa good for up to 30 days in Cambodia.

The process is super easy - you can do it completely online, no need to visit an embassy. Just find an authorized visa agency website, fill out the application form, pay the fee, and wait for approval. You'll get your official Cambodia e-visa PDF.

Make sure to print out the e-visa to show the authorities when you arrive in Cambodia. And apply early to avoid any delays!

How To Apply

Getting a Cambodia e-visa as a UAE citizen is super easy - it only takes about 10 minutes! Just follow these steps:

First, fill out the online application with your personal information, passport details, and travel plans. Make sure to upload docs like a passport photo too.

Then you can securely pay the visa fee online.

Once you submit the form, you'll get an email approving your e-visa. Download a copy to show at the border when you arrive in Cambodia.

Before Applying, Double Check You Meet the Requirements

  • Valid UAE passport that meets the criteria
  • Working email address
  • Debit/credit card to pay the fee
  • Passport photo matching Cambodia's specifications

Your Passport Itself Needs To:

  • Be valid for 6+ months after entering Cambodia
  • Have at least 2 blank pages for stamps
  • Match the passport you'll show at the border
  • If you get a new passport, you'll need to reapply for the visa. And if kids are on your passport, submit a separate form for them.


The validity period of the Cambodia e-visa for citizens of the United Arab Emirates is 90 days from the date of approval. 

Within that 90-day validity window, the e-visa allows you to stay in Cambodia for up to 30 days. So you can visit and remain in Cambodia for a maximum of 30 days each time you enter the country with the eVisa.

It's important to note that the Cambodia e-visa for UAE citizens is a single entry visa. Once you use the e-visa to enter Cambodia, it is considered expired and cannot be used to enter again later.

Once you enter Cambodia with the eVisa, it's easy to request a visa extension for a second month of stay if needed.

Requirements to apply for Cambodia E Visa for UAE Citizen

Perks of Cambodia E-visa

Applying for the Cambodia e-visa online has lots of benefits for UAE citizens:

No embassy visit required - apply from home

Saves time and effort compared to in-person visa application

The entire application process is electronic

All you need is a device with an internet connection

Support team available to answer any visa questions

It's a safe and secure platform

The visa application is super intuitive and straightforward

Overall, getting your Cambodia visa through the eVisa system is really convenient and hassle-free for UAE tourists.

Bottom Line

The good news is that approval for the Cambodia e-visa usually only takes a few hours for UAE citizens. Give yourself a max of 4 working days just in case, but most get their visa granted much faster. 

Getting your Cambodia e-visa through our website CAMBODIAN VISA ONLINE is so simple for UAE citizens! We have visa experts who can help you fill out the visa application form, translate any required documents, and even obtain travel authorization from the Cambodian government. Plus, we can review your application for accuracy and submit everything for fast approval.

Visit our official portal today! Or, if you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

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Cambodia Visa Online is an online travel permit to visit Cambodia for tourism or commercial purposes. International visitors must have a Cambodia e-Visa to be able to visit Cambodia. Foreign citizens can apply for an Cambodia e-Visa Application in a matter of minutes.

In addition to Emiratis, Australian citizens, Canadian citizens, French citizens and Italian citizens are eligible to apply online for Cambodia e-Visa.