Business Visa to Cambodia: How to Get, Requirements, and Beyond

Updated on Feb 01, 2024 | Cambodia e-Visa

Sudden visit call to Cambodia for business? A Cambodia business visa is all you need to enter here. Don’t know how to get one? Here’s the ultimate guide for you!

Cambodia calling for business? Well, you should surely give it a try for once! And, when it’s a sudden visit for business conferences or attending any other business meetings, you need to apply for an emergency business visa to Cambodia. It’s a legal travel permit to Cambodia to perform business activities. 

But, before you apply for an emergency visa for business, it’s mandatory to meet the visa requirements and have a clear idea of its application process and validity. Today’s blog is all about that! Keep reading.

Everything A Traveler to Learn About a Cambodia Business Visa

Thanks to Cambodia Business eVisa first for making the visa application easier! It just takes a few clicks to apply for a Cambodian business visa online. However, before filling out the form, it’s necessary to understand all the visa requirements, process, validity, and other details related to Cambodia business visa application. For instance:

Cambodia Business Visa Validity 

A business visa for Cambodia allows up to a 3-month validity and stays up to a month from the date of issue. It’s a single-entry travel visa for business purposes. However, it’s possible to get a visa extension if you intend to live beyond this duration. But, for the eVisa extension, you need to request it from the Department of Immigration. The officials will decide depending on your visa type, like a single-entry or a multiple entry.

Note: Working under a business visa is not allowed in Cambodia. It is only to perform business activities, like attending meetings and conferences.

Eligibility Requirements for Business Visa to Cambodia

As a traveler to Cambodia, you need to qualify for the travel authorization, which is required to satisfy the eligibility requirements for the business visa here. Such as:

  • A valid passport with a six-month validity beyond your arrival date
  • A valid and active email address to get the business eVisa approval
  • Recent passport-size photo (meeting all the photo criteria)
  • A valid debit card or credit card for the visa processing fee

Besides these, you need to provide evidence of having sufficient financial means to support your business trip during your stay here. Also, it’s important to show an invitation letter from a Cambodian company when applying for a business visa.

Cambodia Business Visa Application Process- How to Get One

Business Visa to Cambodia

As mentioned, a business eVisa application to Cambodia is just a matter of a few minutes. The application process is simple and straightforward. 

  • Fill out the visa application form with your basic general information, including your name, address, contact details, travel purposes, passport details, etc.
  • Once done, ensure there are no errors in the details, as it may cause visa denial as well. 
  • Attach the required documents, including your passport information and face photograph. 
  • Make the payment for Cambodia business visa fees using your credit or debit card.
  • Submit your application form and wait to get the eVisa approval.

Note: Make sure you download the eVisa and print it out to carry with your passport during the trip. You may have to show it if required.

In Conclusion

So, if you are traveling to Cambodia for any business purposes, you should know all these ins and outs about getting a Cambodia business visa before your trip kicks off to avoid visa application denial. And, if you are looking for expert help, we are here for you. At CAMBODIAN VISA ONLINE, we assist travelers throughout the visa application process to Cambodia, from obtaining travel authorization to document translation from over 100 languages to English. Our agents also ensure there are no errors in the application through accuracy and grammar checks. You will receive your eVisa within 4 business days.

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